Law Studies Laboratory

Law Studies Laboratory is a place to develop the students’ knowledge, skill, finesse, and insight. Law Studies laboratory professionally manage and supervise the courses to stress on the practicum aspect. Courses managed and supervised by Law Studies Laboratory are:

  1. Civil Law Training Program
  2. Criminal Law Training Program
  3. Procedural Law of State Administrative Court Training Program
  4. Procedural Law of the Constitutional Court Training Program
  5. Legislation Arrangement  Practice
  6. Business Contract Preparation Practice
  7. Alternative Dispute Resolution


It is a simulation of court as the place for students to practice in the actual court. Moot Court Room is under the coordination of Law Studies Laboratory.


References room provides references like textbooks, journals, and encyclopedias with numerous amount. This place is very quiet and comfortable so it is suitable for students’ reading room. Students are expected to utilize the collections provided here to increase their knowledge regarding law studies.