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International Prog. (IPOLS)

Alumni & Mahasiswa

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Oktiviani Widya Herni Hasanah
Student of International Program Faculty of Law-UMY of 2007
Comment: "I’m so proud and excited to be a part of the International Program of Faculty of Law UMY. Not only can I study law science, but I can also improve my English. Besides, the facility provided by the Faculty really supports the teaching learning program so I am really helped. And being a student of International Program in this faculty, I am sure that my future is much"



Wanda Andriwiz Budiarti Duwila
Student International Program of Faculty of Law-UMY 2008
Comment: "The vacancies in the field of Law currently require the people who can speak a foreign language especially English fluently. International Program of Faculty of Law is very helpful and promising so we (the students) can interact with the outside world. Furthermore, we will have brighter future because we will have a lot of opportunities to practice (speaking English) in our daily life. We will be accustomed to communicate in English and it can open our horizon of the world"


Anindita Tyastata Yunarsa
Student of International Program, Faculty of Law-UMY 2008
Comment: "Being a student of International Program UMY is one of my dreams since I was in high school because the facilities are just like what I’ve expected. The friendly and helpful staff, professional Lecturers, the academic atmosphere and the diploma program (English program) in the International Program really help improve the English competence"