Vision & Mission


Actualize Islamic-based Higher Education of Law. The meaning of Islamic-based higher education of law is an excellent higher education with Islamic values orientation, from the process and the graduates produced.


To create excellent Muslim Law Graduates intellectually, with morality integrity in accordance with Islamic behavior, able to uphold righteousness, justice, and honesty based on Islamic values.


Education in Faculty of Law UMY intend to create Law Bachelor degree holder with various of competences:

  1. To possess the basic of general Law Science and Shariah well as the base of study and development of Law Studies
  2. To possess the basic knowledge to apply Law Studies in real-life situation
  3. To be able to follow the development of Law Studies globally and able to solve problem interdisciplinary
  4. To be competitive in the professional law profession
  5. To possess the bravery to uphold the righteousness and justice values based on Islamic values in the Law Profession and daily life.